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Online Videos Section

Video Tutorials


Treasury Management Systems are Complicated

Modern treasury management systems are robust with features, but learning this functionality can leave bank customers overwhelmed and frustrated.  Bankers have limited time and resources to train new customers on how the system operates.

Video Tutorials Simplify the System for Customers

A video tutorial can simplify the treasury management system for customers and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Video tutorials make onboarding new customers easier and allow existing customers to learn new functionality quickly.


GST's Video Tutorials are the Solution

With our in depth knowledge of several commercially available treasury management systems, Generated Systems is uniquely qualified to create your treasury management system videos.  Our solution includes:

  • Proven development process

  • Existing voice scripts and storyboards that you can customize

  • Bank branded video launching center

  • Narration by a professional voice actor

  • Maintenance program to ensure you videos stay current

Sales Demos

Interactive Sales Demos


Demonstrating the Treasury Management System is Difficult

Commercially available treasury management systems often do not include a way for bank sales representatives to demonstrated system functionality to clients and prospects.  Even if the vendor does provide a sales demo, it often lacks bank branding, includes extraneous or mismatched functionality and quickly becomes stale.

Using the production  or test system for a demo can be problematic as well.  This task is often performed by a very busy product manager, who must ensure relevant data files are loaded, interfaces are operational and the systems in accessible.


An Interactive Sales Demo is the Answer

A high quality HTML interactive sales demo would allow your sales representatives to showcase the features and functionality of the treasury management  system.  If the interactive demo is available on the bank's website, customers can click through and evaluate the system at their convenience.

GST's Interactive Sales Demos are the Solution

Generated Systems creates high quality interactive sales demos that simulate your treasury management system so your sales team can easily show the main features and close more deals.  

Our interactive sales demos:

  • Allow the sales representatives to click through the system

  • Show the exact branding and services offered by the bank

  • Display fictitious data to ensure a secure demo environment

  • Run in a web browser either from the bank's website or offline on a sales representative's computer

  • Includes a maintenance program to ensure your data stays current.

Auto Export Section

Auto Export & Auto Export FTP


Positive Pay is Difficult for Small Businesses

Check fraud is a problem for small businesses and Positive Pay is the most effective prevention service available.  However, offering this vital service to small businesses is challenging for banks because the these customers do not have the technical skills and/or time to produce the check issue file in the bank's desired format.

Issue File Creation Must Be Simplified

Banks must offer a tool that simplifies the process of creating and formatting check issues files.  Ideally, this tool must be extremely easy to use and get the data directly from the customers accounting system where the checks are created.


Auto Export & Auto Export FTP Make Issue Files Easy

Auto Export and Auto Export FTP are desktop applications that integrate with QuickBooks to retrieve check issue data and create a file in the bank's format.  Both programs include:


  • QuickBooks Integration

  • Easy to Use Setup Wizard

  • Advanced scheduler so that check issues files are created automatically

  • Desktop Notifications to alert that processing is complete

Auto Export FTP is for banks that can accept files via FTP or SFTP.  This is a "set-it-and-forget-it" solution for customers where check data retrieval, issue file creation and delivery to the bank are automated.

Auto Export if for banks that do not support FTP or where FTP is cost prohibitive.  This is a "set-it-then-upload-it" solution where check data retrieval and issue file creation is automated.  The customer then manually uploads the file using the banks's online treasury management system.

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